18-20 FEBRUARY 2019

Horeca New Business Models Awards

Horeca New Business Model Awards are designed to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of those companies that invest in innovation in the horeca sector, focusing on the areas of business model, new products, equipment, communication management, operational processes, marketing or customer experience.

All entries should be submitted before December 15th, 2017, 23:59:59 CET.

The proposals that will be considered and accepted to participate in these Awards must respond to the following categories:


Award for innovation to the best product for the horeca sector. Proposals are accepted around the categories of food, beverages, machinery, equipment, interior design and design. All products that contribute to competitiveness, cost improvement, new formats and sustainable development with the environment will be valued.


Award for the best project in the management of the customer experience, understanding it as a multidimensional interactive process between a brand (manufacturer or establishment) and a customer-person, from brand recognition, experience development, expectations, to the recommendation of the same, going through its purchase and consumption process.


Prize to the leadership in the hotel sector or of the restoration. Candidates who have promoted a transformation of the company or management area, talent management, the digitalization of the business, impacting on the growth, expansion and recognition of the brand by the customers will be valued.


Award for the best digital solution in management processes, customer experience, revenue, customer loyalty program, mobile APP, marketing campaign and communication. The contribution of value and improvement of competitiveness for both the organization and the impact created by interest groups such as clients, employees, shareholders, etc. will be valued.


Prize for the best interior design project for hotels, bars, restaurants, … The conceptualization, design, development and production of the created environment, based on originality, creation of a concrete atmosphere, sustainability or generation of an experience for the client will be valued.


HORECA NEW BUSINESS MODELS AWARDS, to the implementation of a new business model disruptive in the horeca area, of the hotel and restaurant industry. Industrial alliances, new distribution models, new services and all those disruptive proposals that add a new dimension to the traditional horeca model will be valued.



HORECA NEW BUSINESS MODELS AWARDS are aimed at any company in the horeca sector that bets on innovation and constant improvement in the processes.

To enter in the running HORECA NEW BUSINESS MODELS AWARDS, please fill in the form available online.
Proposals must be submitted electronically via this website and have to accept to the terms and conditions included in the online form.
The form and all complementary information will have to be filled out entirely in English or Spanish. *(No proposals in any other languages will be accepted)